Herbology Room in Progress

Herbology Room in Progress

Monday, May 26, 2014

I think I may be losing my mind.  Two nights ago after doing the dishes, I noticed a mangled mushroom in the drainer.  It looked just like a little pile of guts.  I was elated and moved it to a dish and squirted it with a little color. (Red ink and yellow food color)  I let it dry out a little and then placed it in a bucket.  I sealed it in with resin, making sure it was a very tight seal. Voila, bucket of guts.

Minis make me crazy, but also keep me sane. That makes sense when you think about it.  When stress hits, nothing clears your mind like trying to figure out a certain look or texture.

Hopefully, the brown glass jug under the sink looks like it is covered with a fine layer of mold.  To create that look, I rubbed a little E6000 on my fingers and then lightly over the jar.  I ran to my dryer, cleaned the vent and pinched off a little piece. I rubbed it over the jar and then brushed off the excess.

To make the snails, I used a few shells I had left over from a seashell display.  I made little "feet" out of Fimo, and after inserting them into the shell, rubbed the bottom over some E6000 and placed them in the jar.

The greenery in the jar of pond leeches was made from the inside string of a cantaloupe, soaked in green food color.  Again, when I use organic matter, I always make sure my resin seal is tight!

This weekend I also hung a couple of photos I found on a site devoted to Victorian post mortem photography. I found them both lovely and sad.  It is chilling when you realize that only one of the girls in each photo is alive.

I guess I really don't mind being crazy.  It is fun.


  1. Hello Gayle,
    That is awesome. It looks terrific and very realistic.
    Big hug,

    1. Thanks, Giac! I always appreciate your input!
      Warm Regards,

  2. Very realistic looking jars. I love them! Isn't it great how we get inspiration from the most odd things? I like how you made everything seem a little gruesome but not too much. Your scene is starting to look a bit too real :)

    1. Thank you, the biggest compliment I can hear is that one of my scenes is starting to look real. But you bring up a great point; I am always afraid of going a bit too far. I have a few more ideas for this room, but I have been hesitant to go too "bloody". I think restraint is in order for this one! Thanks so much for your comment :)