Herbology Room in Progress

Herbology Room in Progress

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I started collecting for the Judge & Gibbet bar by purchasing a few used lots on eBay from a single seller.  This can be risky, but I really lucked out this time.  I paid such a low price for the big box of used items that I wasn't expecting much.  The items had been sitting in a garage for years, so when I opened them up, one at a time, they were covered with dust and muck and surrounded by a few insect corpses. Also included were a number of unopened furniture kits that I can't wait to put together.

The seller was up front about the condition and a joy to work with.  After unwrapping each treasure, I was amazed at how many items I was left with!

It is difficult to see, but the top case is FILLED with wonderful glass items; bottles, glasses, canisters, jars...oh my.  These plastic bead cases are great for storing minis. (Some of the items shown are ones that I already had.)

With so much to work with, I could not help myself and started to put a few things in the kitchen shell.  Even without wallpaper, windows or trim, an unwanted guest already came to stay!

I can't wait to start making "meat" pies for the bar in my little kitchen and creeping things up a bit.

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